National Championships 2017

National Championships 2017

The Albert Hall in Nottingham was again the venue for two days of competition over a July heatwave weekend. In addition to the competitive classes the judges got a break and the audience could relax and enjoy some showcase demonstration items from Rope Movement and Skipping Teams, a Rope Movement and Skipping Solo and an Exercise Team.

Our President Janice Moore’s reflections –

The standards just go up and up and up. There has been a wonderful representation of KFA work which has been impressive and entertaining with everyone engrossed in the performances.Any of the work seen at the championships can be adapted for use in our classes and gives stimulating ideas for development at any level, there is something for everyone, of any age, size – we can offer so much.

Over the weekend we saw demonstrated – stamina, suppleness and strength. We have seen power, amazing co-ordination and some wonderful agility with challenging balance together with a variety of rhythms.The music has been skillfully interpreted with emotional tunes tugging at our heart strings or making us laugh. We have seen elegance and a huge amount of energy with everyone giving their best.

Whilst we are looking at whether this event should run over 1 or 2 days – with  this level of performance we could watch for a week!!!

A showcase of the KFA with the unique and special sparkle that only KFA work can produce.




Fitness Freestyle Team

  • 1st  – Denholm’s Dancers produced by Ruth Denholm (West Midlands) – ‘Bollywood Blast’
  • 2nd equal – City Dance  produced by Lynne Casey (North East) – ‘Bathing Belles’
  • 2nd equal – Northern Lights produced by Christine Chapman (North East)

Movement and Dance Solo

  • 1st – Pauline McIntosh (Southern Counties) –  ‘Duet for One’
  • 2nd – Fiona Dale (North East) – ‘Epiphany’
  • 3rd – Juliet Walker-Shepherd (West Midlands) – ‘The Next Step’

Apparatus Team

  • 1st – Chameleon produced by Lisa Terry (East Midlands) – Balls ‘Clowning Around’
  • 2nd – Carpe Diem produced by Shirley Shergold (West Midlands) – Ribbons ‘Ribbonesque’
  • 3rd – Iridescence produced by Judy Stevenson (North West) – Materials

Movement and Dance Trio

  • 1st – Pauline McIntosh, Jane Capers and Sam Tear (Southern Counties) – ‘The Gathering’
  • 2nd – Nicola Pilmoor, Lauren Ritchie and Lisa Clarke (North East) – ‘Inception’

Movement and Dance Duo

  • 1st – Isabella Lockwood and Stephanie dos Santos produced by Sheila Bryan (South East) – ‘Echoes Through Time’
  • 2nd – Pauline McIntosh and Jane Capers (Southern Counties) – ‘One Divided’
  • 3rd – Sally Clarke and Tayla McKeown (East Midlands) – ‘Love Me?’

Movement and Dance Solo – Young Dancer

  • 1st – Stephanie Wareham (North East) – ‘Fire and Ice’
  • 2nd – Rebecca Wareham (North East) – ‘Set Me Free’
  • 3rd – Amy Thew (North East) – ‘Hope’

Movement and Dance Team

  • 1st – Enchantment produced by Sheila Bryan (South East)
  • 2nd equal – City Dance produced by Lynne Casey (North East) – ‘The Journey’
  • 2nd equal – Northern Lights produced by Christine Chapman (North East) – ‘Brave Enough’

Official photographs were taken by Chris Christodoulou of all performances and presentations.

Visit Chris’s website and go the the Client Photos Galleries where you can view the photographs taken over the two days and make your selections for purchase.

DVD’s are available from JAG Media Services. Place orders online at



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